Manufacture Of Spare Parts With Polyester

The most economical way to have access to any piece of agricultural machinery, construction, industrial or body elements is to make it with polyester. This material is flexible, economical and very resistant, both to climatic changes and to moisture and erosion. It adapts to any size, design, and complexity, that’s why we have been making all kinds of spare parts with polyester for more than 40 years.

Manufacture Of Custom Polyester Pieces

  • Manufacture of agricultural spare parts

Agricultural machinery is susceptible to damage, and it is not always easy to find the necessary spare parts. Sometimes they are discontinued pieces, difficult to find and it is a type of machine that cannot stand very long. Therefore, an economical solution that fits any agricultural spare part is to make it with polyester.

  • Manufacture of industrial spare parts and machinery

In the industrial sector, hundreds of pieces that are not always easy to replace are spoiled every day. At Madison we can manufacture the type of spare part for industrial machinery that is necessary, adapting to any complexity. This type of polyester pieces are made through a mold that facilitates the client or that we send us to create, so the size or design is 100% customized.

  • Body parts

You can order the pieces in our company for both new body projects and spare parts. We make all kinds of elements for the automotive, railway, shipping. Some of the pieces we have carried out in the last 40 years are trims, dashboards, bumper flaps, skirts, car doors, air conditioning channels. Ask us for a quote commitment, both for body parts and new projects with polyester.