Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyester Manufacturing

We have spoken on other occasions about the mechanical and strength properties of fiberglass-reinforced polyester, but not about how it is formed and its manufacture is carried out in order to build the material that with its lightness and resistance confers and gives security to components of the various existing industries (automobile, aeronautics, wind, rail …).

Glass Fibers

The glass, thanks to a melting process, becomes powder of that material in filaments on which a chemical coating is applied that gives it characteristics that influence its subsequent processing.

Then these glass filaments are cured in a furnace, and at the end of this process they form strands that can have different names:

Woven roving, laces like loom

Felt fiberglass, randomly oriented laces.

Wicks of fiberglass without weaving each other.

Types Of Polyester Resins

The resins are used later and cure at room temperature to become solid materials, achieving properties of high strength and excellent mechanical behavior, which is very important for the functions that are going to play later.

There Are Different Types Of Polyester Resins:

Ortoftálicas: Good resistance to outdoor environments, with them the gel-coat is made that is very suitable depending on the cost without losing quality.

Isophthalic: they have higher resistance to weathering and moisture than orthophthalics, in addition to less surface wear.

Catalysts And Accelerators

Later catalysts and accelerators are used for the construction of the object that is needed, during the molding, at which time the polyester resin must proceed to its cure.

The best thing is that the resin is already accelerated to avoid problems. The catalyst is necessary for the adhesive to set and it is best to work at a temperature between 15 and 25º centigrade.

For the manufacture of polyester pieces there are different procedures, but the most used ones we can explain another day so as not to be too repetitive today.

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