200,000 Yen

 As for the amount of 200,000 yen, if you gain a bigger profit, you should not forget the final return (payment is the obligation of the citizen, you should also go to prevent overpayment) . As to how much money is first required to start popular FX investment, it is supposed to deposit money called minimum margin or minimum deposit money with the merchant, which supplier among many FX dealers Depending on whether you use it, it will be a different amount. It is the minimum margin but depending on the supplier it costs 100 yen or 50,000 yen. Furthermore, the minimum trading unit differs depending on the supplier. There are 1000 currencies and there are also 10000 currency dealers that are expensive transactions, and those who just started FX investment start with 1000 currency unit transactions at the beginning There seems to be no need to run a big risk. It is comparatively easy and easy to start FX investment, but first compare a lot of FX traders carefully and choose the company that fits your investment method and investment amount carefully.